• We can give you an instant valuation and buying price so that you can sell your home QUICK.
  • We can also pay your survey, home report and legal costs saving you from paying fees that usually come with with selling your home.
  • We offer you an online valuation, supported by price data on properties in your area.

Sell House Fast Scotland | Quick House Sale in 7 Days

If you are looking for a quick house sale and you are based in Scotland, then we can help. We complete transactions for individuals and families who have contacted us through our sell house fast Scotland promotions, but who also need the certainty that they are getting the best possible price.

Our specialist online valuers can show you exactly what prices are being achieved for properties like yours in your area using key price indicators from authority sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

We can guarantee you a fast cash offer for your property, with no delays or middlemen – we buy directly and also have qualified buyers who can complete within seven days if required.

Often we find that using our services means that as well as getting the advantage of a fast completion, there can also be huge financial benefits too. Once you allow for estate agents fees, legals, delays and broken chains – you may well find that using our services actually gives you a net gain both in speed of completions and financially.

More sellers are benefiting  from a fast house sale with us and saving themselves the stress, worry and inconvenience of selling their property on the open market. With our Quick House Sale service we pride ourselves on the speed of our completions and our buying process which means we make a fair offer and stick to it.

Whether you need to sell your home quickly because you have committed to a new property or if job changes or personal circumstance have meant that you need to move as quickly as practical our team are experienced and have dealt with most situations, including properties being sold due to divorce or where a relative has died and the family simply which to clear up affairs as speedily as possible.

Contact us today – we will provide you with an instant quick house sale quote and send you similarly priced properties in your are as proof of what fair market value currently is.

Sell your house FAST

  • We can give you an instant valuation and buying price so that you can sell your home QUICK
  • We can also  pay your survey, home report and legal costs – saving you from paying fees  that usually come with with selling your home.
  • We offer you an online valuation, supported by price data on properties in your area.

Some tips to help you sell your home

Selling your home can be a challenges as well. Today many people opt to buy houses that are affordable yet spacious. There are many things that new buyers are unaware of, however someone buying a second or third home may be more experienced. So what can you do to improve your chances of selling your house fast? Listed below are some tips to be followed if you are selling your home.
1) Know about your target market – There are all types of different people who are looking to buy a house, however your house may not be the perfect fit for those people. For instance, is your house large enough to house a family with kids? Does it have a big back yard where kids could play or is your house more suited for a newlywed couple? If you know your target, you can adjust your house accordingly.

2) The housing market – Remember it may take a bit of time for your house to sell depending on the market, therefore you should also be aware of the housing market. Another thing to consider is the weather. Try to put your house on the market during spring or summer because traveling during the winter can sometimes be arduous. In the summer the sunlight streaming through your windows will make the house seem more appealing, whereas in winter you only get a few hours of light.

3) Learn some photography tricks – Prospective buyers often look at pictures of your house that your agent posts. Having great pictures is the first step towards getting interest from buyers. Make the rooms look big. Always clean up your house before taking any pictures. You can also try using filters to enhance colours or make them appear brighter.

4) Hire a great agent – a good agent can make all the difference in selling your house fast. Before you hire an agent make sure to read reviews about him or her. A good agent may also give you more tips on how to improve your house’s chance of sale.

5) Clean up! – The best thing you can do to make sure your house sells fast is to clean it up really well. If there are any repairs to be made, make sure they are done before prospective buyers come for a visit. Often times a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a room. The cleaner it is, the more it appealing it will seem. If there is a front yard, make sure the grass is cut and the hedges are trimmed. You can even plant flowers which can make the house look more inviting.

6) Decorations – a nicely decorated house will seem more appealing because it might give the buyer an idea of how they would decorate this space, however your house should not be too personally decorated when you are trying to sell it. Therefore remove as many personal decorations as possible and instead opt for de-personalization. The buyer needs to imagine themselves in that house, not be seeing someone else’s house. So if you are a big fan of sports and have your favourite team’s jerseys and posters, it might be good idea to remove them. You can also place some fresh flowers or plants as well.

7) Space is important – Your house may not be spacious but you need to make it look as spacious as possible because buyers want to get the most of their money. So to make your house appear spacious, clear out any unnecessary furniture. Clear out bulky furniture and put it in storage. Try not to use dark colours in your house. Put up white curtains, paint the walls white (unless there is wall paper). Make sure sun light can enter through the windows because that will create a very warm atmosphere which many find appealing.

8) Home for sale! – It’s very important to have a sign outside your house that will draw attention and let people know that your property is for sale. Make sure the sign is large and visible and uses bright colours that grab attention. Make sure that your yard is clean and the sign is not obstructed. A passer-by may not be looking to buy a house, but if they know of someone who is looking they may just bring up your house.

9) Have an open house – It is not such a bad idea to have an open house with potential buyers. If you do decide to have an open house make sure it is clean that day. Clear out any tables or rugs you might have placed in your hallways because they could pose a tripping hazard. If you have pets and your house is carpeted then thorough clean the carpets because some people have allergies from pets. Use scented candles or electronic fragrance dispensers so that your home smells good. You can also put out some refreshments such as juice or cookies. If the cookies have nuts inside make sure to a leave sign stating that because some people have nut allergies.

10) Leave your house – When you find out that potential buyers may be coming to take a look at your house, it’s a good idea to leave the house for that time. If you or your family are not present, the buyers can look comfortably and not feel like they are intruding. Be sure your house is clean before you leave. If you have cooked then open up the windows and use air sprays to get rid of the scent as much as possible.

11) Finally think as though you were buying – Step into the buyer’s shoes for a moment. Ask yourself a few questions such as how would you have liked the house to look, if you were buying it? Think back to when you actually bought the house, was there something special that caught your eye? Pretend you were about to buy your next house, what would you look for in that house? Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can give you a good idea of what they might be expecting.
If you have followed these tips then your house should sell fast or should at least garner a lot of interest.

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